On Thursday, the peace talks between Yemeni government representatives and a rival delegation to begin in Sweden declared the United Nations (UN).

The UN envoy Martin Griffiths’s office tweets, “The (UN special envoy) would like to announce the restart of the intra-Yemeni political process in Sweden on 6 December 2018.”

12-members government delegation, headed by Yemeni Foreign Minister Khaled al-Yamani has arrived in Stockholm at evening on Wednesday, one day later a rival delegation flew in from Sanna- was accompanied by the UN envoy.

The peace talks have marked the first meeting between Huthi rebels and Yemen’s Saudi-backed government since 2016 was linked to Iran when 106-days of negotiations have yielded no breakthroughs in a war, which has pushed 14 million people to the edge of famine.

The Sweden meeting has followed two major confidence- boost up gestures between the warring parties- evacuation of 50 wounded insurgents and a prisoner swap deal from the rival-held capital for treatment in neutral Oman.

Around 10000 people have been shot dead since Saudi Arabia and its allies have joined the government fight against the Huthis, reports that the World Health Organization provokes what the UN called that world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Rights group has evaluated that the toll could be up to higher than five times.

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