The expulsion of Christian Michel, accused middleman and a British National, who is wanted by India’s investigating agencies in the Rs. 3600-crore AugustaWestland VVIP choppers deal case, should be handed over to Judicial System of UAE, reports UAE Envoy on Thursday.

Replying to a query on whether the citizen of British can be extradited to India, which is third-party country, said UAE ambassador to Indian Ahmed Albanna, “I don’t know. There is a legal system, there are agreements signed between UAE and India, there is a legal system, we believe in our judicial system.”

The UAE envoy continued that “we trust our judicial system. We leave it up to them to decide what to do or what not to do.”

Earlier this month, a top court of Dubai has upheld an order directed by the court, which is to consider the possibility of extraditing Mr. Michel.

54-years Christian Michel is currently under police custody in Dubai, since he was arrested and sent to prison pending the judicial and legal procedure in the UAE.

The two objections, which were filed by the lawyer of the alleged Michel was dismissed by the Dubai Court of Cassation and upheld the appellate decision of the top court. That was to consider the possibility of expulsion of him to the competent Indian Authorities.

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