A Riyadh-led military coalition said that on Tuesday Saudi air defenses intercepted a Yemeni rebel drone targeting a residential area in the Kingdom’s south after the Iran-linked militia step up attacks across the border. 

A coalition spokesman said that the drone was focused at a populated area in Khamis Mushait, which has a major air base used as a launchpad for the coalition’s bombing campaign in Yemen. However, no damage or casualties were reported by him.

Earlier, the Huthi rebels claimed drone attacks on aircraft hangars and military positions at two airports in the nearby cities of Abha and Jizan. The coalition did not confirm those attacks.

In March 2015, the rebels who have faced nonstop coalition bombing have stepped up missile and drone attacks across the border in recent weeks. The coalition all added that a Huthi drone attack on Abha’s civilian airport killed a Syrian national and injured 21 others on Sunday.

On June 12, a rebel missile attack on Abha airport wounded 26 civilians, drawing promises of “stern action” from the coalition. The attack was condemned by Human Rights Watch who called it an apparent “war crime”.

Few days ago, Washington a major ally of Riyadh accused Iran of shooting down a US drone over International waters and also accused Iran of carrying out attacks on oil tankers in the strategic Gulf of Oman. The latest consequences has raised the tension.

Iran has been repeatedly accused by Saudi Arabia of supplying sophisticated weapons to Huthi rebels but Tehran denied the charges. After the recent attacks, Saudi state media outline an intensification of coalition air raids on rebel positions in the northern Yemeni province.

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