Pakistan is preparing to greet Saudi Arabian Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman for a state tour in the weekend, as per the confirmation of the foreign ministry, as Islamabad expects to ink different investment agreement to boost its collapsing economy.

Two-day tour will be conducted on 16th February for including a vessel of-of high-level discussions with the Prime Minister Imran Khan along with the military Chief of Pakistan. The foreign ministry of Pakistan told in a statement, “During his stay, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will be signing a number of agreements … related to diverse sectors ”.

He also added, “ The two countries will also discuss ways and means to develop a robust follow-up mechanism to ensure effective implementation and quick progress on tangible areas of cooperation.”

Two five-star hotels have been completely reserved by the Saudi envoys while the elite royal guards of the kingdom reached in Pakistan earlier in this week for assisting with security arrangements, according to a municipal official in Islamabad. The tour will be conducted as the Saudi Crown Prince resumes being stained by his alleged involvement to the brutal murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi amid new declarations he spoke of going after the writer “with a bullet”.

The CIA has ceased the Saudi operation was supposed to lead by the powerful Crown Prince, but the White House avoided that information amid formidable refusals by Riyadh.

Despite the dispute, Islamabad, and Riyadh, the decades-old allies have been involved for months in discussions to clarify the details of the deals in time for the visit of the Crown Prince.

Saudi Arabia is reportedly preparing to sign a record investment package with Pakistan, targeting to provide welcome relief for its cash devastated Muslim ally.

At the center of the investment are a reported $10 billion refinery and oil compound in the strategic Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea, the final destination for the huge multi-billion dollar Economic Corridor Between China and Pakistan.

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