US President Donald Trump strengthened his assistance for Saudi Arabia during a rally at  Green Bay in Wisconsin, claiming that he would not want to “lose” the ally which has bought goods worth $450 billion from the country.

US President claiming, “ they have nothing but cash, right? They buy a lot from us, $450 billion they bought”.

The US-Saudi Arabia relationship came under the scanner following the assassination of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Many condemned Donald Trump for taking side with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who may have been involved in the brutal killing.

Saudi Arabia has falsely invalidated such reports, repeating that the Crown Prince was not directly in the killing of Khashoggi in any way.

At the rally, the US President also stated a current phone call he had with the Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz AL Saud.

The US President said to sheer the crowd, “we lose $4.5 billion on a country to defend them, and they’re rich. So I called them. I said listen, no good. They were in a state of shock because they’ve never got a call like this in 25 years, right ”.

He described, “I said we’re losing $4.5 billion every year, we can’t do this anymore. This is crazy. He (King Salman) got very upset, angry, said this is not fair. I said, Of course, this is fair. He said we’ll give you $500 million more…I said I want more. We argued. So they paid us more than $500 million for one phone call, it took me one call ”. The US President screamed during his address, “ that is because they were stupid.”.

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