Denmark cancelled the arms sale to Saudi Arabia based on the crucial diplomatic strand over the Khashoggi killing matter. They are the second country to take this vital strand after Germany.

Foreign Minister of Denmark, Anders Samuelsen told: “ The foreign ministry is suspending all sales of weapons and military equipment to Saudi Arabia”. He also added, “ I hope that the Danish decision can create additional momentum”.

The spokesperson of the foreign ministry said that Copenhagen was not evaluating others sanctions for the time being.

Based on the decisive strand about the involvement of the Saudi high-command, Germany decided to capture 18 Saudis from entering their enclosure and Europe’s Schengen passport-free sector over their allegation connects to the murder.

In October, Berlin asked the EU countries to pursue their resolution and cancel the arms sales to Saudi Arabia for the time being, leading a contemptuous response from the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, a US resident who was also the columnist of The Washington Post, as well as the critic of the Saudi Crown Prince was murdered on 2nd October inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

After the several denials, the Saudi high-commands accepted the liability of the murder and told that 21 suspected individuals had been taken into custody for the interrogation. Though the analysis report of CIA disclosed the strong evidence of the involvement of the higher authority of the kingdom in the brutal killing, the US President Donald Trump escorted the controversial involvement matter of this killing and praised about the kingdom as a great ally for satisfying the commercial and strategic requirements of the United Nations.

After assured by the supportive comments of the US President, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel-Al-Jubeir professed dissatisfaction on the condemnation of the de facto ruler of Saudi and told that the criticism against Saudi Crown Prince for holding him accountable for the brutal murder would not be endured by the kingdom.



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