An Indian Chef has died due to complications reportedly arising after a hip replacement surgery in Dubai at a private hospital, reports media.

On May 9, the 42-year-old Betty Rita Fernandes was admitted for 2 hours left hip replacement surgery at Al Zahra Hospital. Ms. Fernandes is the mother of two children. In a statement, the Chief Executive Officer of Al Zahra Hospital, Mohayem Abdelghany said, “In reference to the demise of Betty Rita Fernandes on May 9 after her surgery in Al Zahra Hospital Dubai (AZHD), we have made the family transparently aware of all the developments and ongoing reviews.”

The statement also reads, “This incident is currently being dealt with multi-level in-depth reviews as per the hospital, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Joint Commission International (JCI) guidelines. It was also notified to the relevant authorities and DHA for their independent assessment and review and we will keep the patient’s family updated.”

She had a congenital issue and her left hip was displaced slightly during her birth, claims the report. According to the statement of her family, Ms. Fernandes decided to go in for hip replacement surgery under Doctor Samih Tarabichi, who is a consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai’s Al Barsha.

Betty Rita Fernandes is originally from Mumbai, was admitted at the hospital for 2 hours left hip replacement surgery. By profession, Ms. Fernandes was a chef and used to operate “Betty’s Cake Tales”, which is a specialty Grocery Store as per mentioned on her social media site.    

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is looking into a complaint registered by the victim’s husband.

CEO of Health Regulation Sector, Marwan Al Mulla was quoted saying, “The case is currently under investigation. The DHA looks into every single case of alleged negligence and/or malpractice stringently. The Health Regulation Sector follows due process in line with international standards to investigate such cases, where a committee of subject matter experts is formed to investigate the case. Deemed action is taken according to the merit of each case.”

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