According to the media source, the flight transporting the accused British academic Matthew Hedges alighted at Heathrow airport at London after he had been excused in the United Arab Emirates from a life sentence for espionage.

The UAE condoned the British academic Matthew Hedges after witnessing a video which intently shows the UK academic as the member of Britain’s M16 intelligence agency. But Britain has refused to accept that the academic was a spy and also greeted his pardon.

A 31-year-old PhD student of Durham University had been captured in the UAE since May 5, while he was imprisoned at the international airport of Dubai in his two-week research visit.

His family claimed that he was a committed researcher who had been trapped in the foul play of the security and justice system of UAE. The UAE treated him as a British spy who was presented in a fair trial for critical espionage offences.

The case has pinched and tied between the long-time allies prompting London to emerge a compatible diplomatic response after the verdict was tossed in the last week with a message that could affect the relations.

The UAE President emerged the pardon as part of mass compassion of more than 700 convicts to mark the National Day of the country.

The Foreign Secretary of Britain Jeremy Hunt greeted the pardon, which he named “ fantastic news”. Jeremy Hunt said, “Although we didn’t agree with charges we are grateful to UAE government for resolving issue speedily ”.

The UAE  had indicated that it was working on a “ friendly solution ” of the case after the professing the last week’s sentence as deeply disappointing by UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

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