On Wednesday, a man with a knife in his hand entered at a primary school in central China and killed two people and injured two others. The strange incident has shocked the country.

The government of Ningyuan county in Hunan province said in a statement the two injured primary school students were taken to a hospital and they are safe now. The name and identity of the two killed have not been revealed by the authority.

Meanwhile, Police has arrested a 31-year-old suspect, surnamed Zheng from the town of Baijiapingzhen, where the primary school is located, the statement added.

In recent years China has witnessed several cases of Knife attacks against schoolchildren and has ordered the school authorities to increase their security level. Last year in October,  in China’s southwestern Sichuan province a woman suddenly attacked and injured 14 children with a knife at a kindergarten. In April 2018, a man killed nine middle school students as they were returning home. Police are investigating the case and trying to find out the motive behind the dreadful attack.


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