The reticent prosecution of Saudi Arabia for 11 suspects charged in the brutal assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi face the international standard of interrogation and should be exposed publicly and trial observers, claimed by Unhuman rights expert.

The UN special appointee on extrajudicial executions, Agnes Callamard, who leads an international probe into the murder at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in the last October, pushed kingdom to disclose the names of the convicts and the destiny of 10 others after the initial arrest.

UN special appointee on extrajudicial executions, Agnes Callamard told in a statement. “ The Government of Saudi Arabia is grievously mistaken if it believes that these proceedings, as currently constituted, will satisfy the international community, either in terms of procedural fairness under international standards or in terms of the validity of their conclusions”.

The Saudi public prosecutor sued 11 anonymous suspects in November, along with five who could confront the death penalty on the accusations of directing and committing the crime.

Some Western nations along with CIA believe Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman directed the killing, which was refused by the Saudi officials.

A top assistant of Saudi Prince Mohammed, Saud Al-Qahtani executed over the killing, is not among the 11 suspects on trial at the reticent prosecutions in Riyadh despite Saudi commitments to those accountable to justice, told by sources familiar with the matter.

Callamard, mentioning to diplomats from international influences on the UN Security Council who have attended some of the four prosecutions alerted: “They risk being participants in a potential miscarriage of justice, possibly complicit should it be shown that the trials are marred by violations of human rights law ”.

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