The UAE is “ a great embodiment of the spirit of tolerance, pluralism, and empathy, with people representing more than 200 nationalities living in peace, harmony, and success on the UAE land”, according to the President of the Ismaili Community in Dubai, Amiruddin Thanawalla. The selection of the UAE by the Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, as the first country in the Gulf to which to take around a tour, he told it is the proof of its great international posture, especially in welfare work, as a global center for human coexistence and tolerance.

In a statement to the News Agency of Emirates,  President of the Ismaili Community in Dubai told, “The UAE is keen to spread the culture of tolerance not only at the local level, but also at the global level through cooperation with the greatest religious figures, such as His Holiness Pope Francis, who is a global religious symbol who plays a leading role in establishing bridges of dialogue and brotherhood between different religions in the world. ”

He also added, “ The UAE,” he added, “is a perfect example of tolerance, integration, and acceptance of the other, and the best example of what the future can be.”

President of the Ismaili Community in Dubai went to remind the statement of the spiritual leader Aga Khan , “Let me take this occasion,” he quoted the Aga Khan as saying, “to pay tribute to the experience of the Emirates which, like the lesson of Islam’s history, illustrates admirably what heights are achievable, in realizing human potential, when national interest and Muslim identity are anchored in values — our historical values — that widen intellectual horizons, and help build bridges of friendship and understanding. ”


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