UAE passport has moved to the fourth position to become the world’s four most powerful passports. This year September, UEA passport was rated at number eight.

As per the updated ranks on Passport Index, UAE passport was rated as the fourth best travel document, which ease travelling to 159 countries. Emirati passport holders are permitted to travel over 162 countries without having a pre-entry visa. Only a year ago, Emirati passport holders were allowed to travel 88 countries visa-free.

President and founder of Arton Capital, Armand Arton said that “The UAE is the fastest-growing passport in the history of passports.”

In an email statement, Arton continued that “for such a young country this is an exceptional achievement and all Emiratis should be proud of that. Rather than the need to look for second citizenships, UAE citizens already have the strongest passport in the Arab world and their mobility is rising. They should all be extremely pleased with that.”

Presently, the first rank in world’s most powerful passport is held by Singapore and Germany, which is followed by United States, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and South Korea in the second position.

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