Three people were recruited as paid members of the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 Local Organising Committee (LOC). They are going to cover the upcoming event in March.
The team has been called as “The BBC” because of their first names, Bilal Hafeez, Brendyn Monsorate and Christopher Swaminathan. As part of their new role, they will work in the World Games Unified Press Office.
Currently, they are developing their skills under the guidance of Dubai-based media expert Amit Kakkar at Al Noor Training Centre in Dubai. They are tasked with source and write stories about the participant’s determinations.
Their written stories along with their names will be sent to news outlets internationally which aims to acknowledge their work.
The 34-year-old Pakistani Bilal Hafeez is suffering from Cerebral Palsy. He is working as a graphic designer. Hafeez said: “After almost one year of media training, I feel totally transformed as a professional who is eager to do reporting for media houses in the UAE. I could never imagine that one day I would be meeting and interviewing people of determination from around the world at an event like the Special Olympics World Games. This recognition is an amazing feeling for me and cannot wait to report on this mega event.”
Brendyn Monsorate is 19 years old belong to India. Monsorate has Down syndrome and is eager to work in the entertainment industry and is currently undertaking training in the Al Noor Work Placement Unit. “I am eagerly waiting to be a part of the games, where I will be working as a special correspondent. I am very excited and determined to show the world that everything is possible,” he quoted.

“The BBC” going to cover the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 |
Swaminathan, 25, belongs to Sri Lanka and he also has Down syndrome. He is interested in technology and electronics. Swaminathan said, “The games will give me the kind of exposure I have been looking for and the experience of reporting for the games, which will be one of the best moments of my life.”
Sources said the UAE will welcome more than 7,500 athletes from over 190 nations for Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.
After describing the trio as “exceptionally hardworking” Kakkar stated “This is encouraging for all of us at Al Noor Training Centre and the parents of these students who contributed with their time every weekend at my training center. For me, I am only following the voice of my heart from day one, as far as this training is concerned for these students. There are zero commercial interests involved in this training and God Almighty is guiding me on this path.”

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