According to the Okaz newspaper, Saudi Arabia will grant women to travel abroad without permission from a male guardian and thereby ending a restriction which has been faced extreme criticism globally. Because of the restriction, some women took extreme measures to flee the country.

The paper informed on Thursday, the government has approved revision of laws governing travel documents and civil status, allowing women above 21 years to obtain passports and leave the country without seeking the permission of a guardian. The paper, however, did not mention the source of the information.

The amendments to travel rules, the labor law and civil status law would and civil status law will be included in its next edition, tweeted Saudi Arabia’s official gazette. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has decided to reduce social restrictions at the heart of his economic transformation plan for Saudi Arabia.

The government has also lifted a ban on women driving and clamped down on domestic criticism and arrested some of the kingdom’s most prominent women’s rights activists.

The latest changes remove language that dictates a woman’s place of residence is with her husband and will allow women to report marriages, divorces, and births similarly to men, Okaz reported.

The conservative Islamic kingdom’s guardianship system has long been opposed by Saudi women’s rights activists who campaigned for years against the system. As per the system, women currently need permission from their guardian, mainly a father or husband but sometimes a brother or son, to get married, apply for a passport or leave the country.

Hamsa Sonosi, a Saudi female writer and researcher, wrote on Twitter, “A thousand congratulations to our girls, and no tears are shed for those who opposed this in order to protect their interests and authority.” 

 “From my heart, I’m rejoicing for the situation of many I know who suffer subjugation because of this issue,” she added.

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