Women in Saudi Arabia were overwhelmed after they discovered that the methods for obtaining their passport would now be completed within just 15 minutes, reported source. 

While speaking to the Saudi Gazette, Major General Abed Al-Harthy, Director of Passports in the Makkah Region told that the number of Saudi women applying to obtain a passport was on the rise on a daily basis, and women were on the forefront. 

It continued, “All the passport centres are engaged in carrying out the order to issue passports to all those above the age of 21 years without any restrictions.”

Major Al-Harthu has further pointed out that in the past, the system differs where only men above the age of 21-years were allowed to travel without permission, but women required the presence of a guardian (husband, father or brother). 

And now for the women above 21-years, doesn’t need any such permission to get passports. 

One female applicant told the Saudi Gazette that “the procedures were easy and simple as I got delivery of my passport within a quarter of an hour.”

Another woman happily said, “Now I can renew my passport myself after the new amendments came into force.”

Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Passports in the Makkah Region has declared that it wouldn’t send any text messages to the head of the family in the event of the travel of a woman above 21-years. 

Earlier this month, the UAE has ended its travel restrictions for women, who were earlier needed to take permission from a “male guardian” to obtain or travel with a passport.

Previously, women without a passport of their own were instead offered a page in their male guardians’ passports, makes it simply impossible for them to travel without guardian accompaniment.

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