According to the Thai authorities after being captured at the airport of Bangkok a Saudi woman will be sent back, as she was desperately pleading for asylum and for another passenger to assist disapproval her extradition.

The incident occurred against the background of extreme scrutiny of Saudi Arabia over its inspection and probing on the shocking murder issue of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the last year, which has resumed condemnation of the right’s record of the kingdom.

Rahaf Mohammed Al-Quantum told the media source she flew from her family while visiting in Kuwait because they had already forced to undergo through the physical and psychological abuse.

She told she had planned to visit Australia and seek asylum there, and afraid she would be killed if she was extradited by the officials of Thy immigration who stopped her in the time of transit on Sunday.

Thai immigration Chief Surachate Hakan said that Quinn was recent, “ waiting for boarding, our immigration officer and Saudi Arabian embassy officials are with her”.

He told about the Kuwait Airways flight to Kuwait due to depart at 11.15 am that “ She bought the ticket herself yesterday, she is waiting to board (the flight too) Saudi Arabia”.

Inquired if she was attempting asylum, he said, “ we do not know but if anyone wants to seek asylum, they have to wait for those countries to reply”.

Qanun said she was halted by Saudi and Kuwaiti officials while she reached the Suvarnabhumi airport of the Thai capital and her travel document was forcibly taken from her, a claim supported by Human Rights Watch.

She wrote on Twitter, “ I ask the… government of Thailand… to stop my deportation to Kuwait. I ask the police in Thailand to start my asylum process.”

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