Saudi Arabia alerted condemnation of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is a “ red line”, after the huge compliments by US President Donald Trump on the audacity of the UAE kingdom to violate the warnings given by him on the brutal assassination of the Saudi journalist.

Foreign Minister of  Saudi Arabia, Adel-Al Jubeir vividly told in a statement that the criticism of Saudi Crown Prince for making him responsible for the brutal, as well as premeditated killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi would not be endured.

His comments have come publicly just after the admiration of the kingdom by the US President Trump for holding the oil prices low. The strand of the US President against the offensive move against Riyadh increases the audacity of the kingdom, despite the report of CIA in which the strong evidence based on the involvement of the de facto Saudi leader, as well as Crown Prince in the premeditated murder.

Saudi Foreign Minister Jubeir told the BBC, “ In Saudi Arabia, our leadership is a red line. The custodian of the two holy mosques (King Salman) and the crown prince are a red line”.

He added, “ They represent every Saudi citizen and every Saudi citizen represents them. And we will not tolerate any discussion of anything that is disparaging towards our monarch or our crown prince.”

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was a resident of US, as well as columnist of The Washington Post and the serious critic of the Saudi Crown Prince, was strangled and killed inside the Saudi consulate at Istanbul.

After the long-timing of refusal, the Saudi authorities accepted the accountability and said that 21 people had been convicted for the interrogation for this killing. Hence, the analysis by CIA revealed in the US media indicated to the further, pointing at the Saudi Crown Prince.

In the controversial circumstances, while the international statements can play a significant role to the probe on the Khashoggi’s assassination,  the US president Donald Trump praised the strand of the Arabian kingdom essentially avoiding the Khashoggi killing matter for satisfying the commercial and strategic interest of the United States.

The supportive statements of the US President make the Saudi Kingdom audacious to take the decision about Khashoggi killing probe and to restrain the leaking of the internal information about this investigation.

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