A royal advisor of Saudi kingdom was fired for being accused of the brutal killing of the Saudi journalist, as well as Saudi critic and also the columnist of the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi. Though the name of the recently fired royal advisor was not among the 11 suspects on trial at confidential hearings in Riyadh despite Saudi commitments to prosecute those responsible whom are viciously involved in the killing, as per the reports of the familiar sources.

The Saudi public prosecutor summoned  11 suspects whose name has not been disclosed in November, including five who could attempt the death penalty on the accusations of “ordering and committing the crime”.

Some Western Countries, along with CIA  think that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman directed the brutal murder, but the royal officials and higher authority of the Saudi kingdom declined to accept the fact.

Top assistance of Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Saud Al-Qahtani is not attending the prosecution proceedings, as well as has not presented at any of the court sessions convoked since January, until he was fired and has been approved his suspected role by the US Treasury. The report has been confirmed by the seven familiar sources with the proceedings but has not presented in the procuration.

Two regional intelligence branches informed that after the brutal murder, Qahtani controlled the entire dismemberment proceedings by directing via Skype to the team of security and the intelligence operational individuals.

In November, the Saudi public prosecutor told that Qahatni has cooperated with the Chief of the deputy intelligence committee, Ahmed-Al-Asiri, who directed the extradition of Jamal Khashoggi, a vocal critic of the policies of Saudi Crown Prince and a Washington Post columnist following the years.

The prosecutor told that Qahatani had met with the operational individuals accused with the extradition of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi before their journey to Istanbul. While Khashoggi countered, the lead negotiator decided to kill him as per the prosecutor.

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