A Dubai-based Pakistani, whose 2-year-old son has received medical aid for blood cancer at a public hospital in the city is worried as he cannot manage to pay the excessive hospital dues.  

An engineer Hafiz Khan has said that his son Mohammad Hasan was suffering from continuous fever since March 2018 and was diagnosed with blood cancer or acute myeloid leukemia in July.

Mr. Khan said that “My baby has been in and out of hospitals, both in Pakistan and here, ever since. He underwent chemotherapy a Dubai hospital till October and was discharged on November 8 last year. The hospital bill kept mounting and the insurance limit of Dh150,000 was fully utilized. I am now left with a balance of Dh166,900 that I have to pay before February 8 as I have given a post-dated cheque to the hospital.”

He continued that he had spent a sizeable amount from his modest income and savings from the treatment and has no money left with him to pay off the balance.

“Time is running out and I am becoming desperate. I am praying for a miracle to happen,” added Mr. Khan.

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