The Former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton charged the US President Donald Trump for being deceitful in concealing the truth of the assassination of Saudi Journalist, as well as the columnist of The Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi. The major media resources quoted Ms Clinton as saying, “We have a president who is part of the cover-up as to what happened in that consulate or embassy when Khashoggi was murdered ”  during a speech in Toronto.

She also advised that Donald Trump and “those closest to him” have their “own personal commercial interest ”  in covering the brutal incident about Khashoggi’s murder.

President Trump’s comment generated infatuation in the international level  on 20th November while he professed his strong opinion about Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed Bin Salman that Prince “had knowledge” about Saudi journalist’s brutal assassination  and saying that the United States would support their close allies and remain strategic partner of Riyadh despite the ongoing crime. He noted that it would be ‘foolish’ to end the contracts of weapons exports with the kingdom, a strategic move disordered by Congress ever since it got the clue that Khashoggi had been killed.

Saudi officials refused the association of the royal family with the brutal murder, specifically of the crown prince in the Khashoggi assassination. Riyadh persisted that the killing is a result of a ‘rogue operation’. The Saudi Prosecutor Office declared that totally 21 individuals were convicted pursuing the inspection of the murder, with 11 of them already serving charges.

Saudi columnist for The Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi was killed in Istanbul inside the Saudi Consulate on 2nd October. His body is missing and it was supposed that his body was dissolved in acid.

Turkey disclosed a audio evidence on the killing with the Western Countries, including the US.

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