At the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi a pair of rare artworks that will soon be unveiled during the historic tour of Pope Francis to the UAE, declared by Abu Dhabi Department of Culture. The pieces – a statue of Christ exhibiting his wounds, and pages from the famous Blue Quran were displayed to Francis and Dr Ahmad Al Tayeb, Grand Imam  of Al Azhar Al Sharif, during their particular viewing of the museum’s collection with His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince.

The Chairman of the Department Mohammad Al Mubarak told, “It has been a great honor for Abu Dhabi to host the Human Fraternity Conference in the presence of two of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders. The unveiling of these two rare artworks, each representing a different faith, only served to enhance the theme of the conference — that openness and cultural dialogue are essential tools for building positive intercultural and interfaith relations ”.

The statue of the Messiah, titled as ‘Christ shows his wounds’, will be a permanent addition to the collection of  Louvre Abu Dhabi. It is 16th century, gigantic wooden sculpture produced in Germany or Austria, and portrays Christ carrying a crown of thorns while revealing his open wounds. It is believed to have been sculptured in the late Gothic period as a late artistic expression of the Christian faith. The four pages of the Blue Quran manuscript are a private loan to the Louvre Abu Dhabi from the collection of the Zayed National Museum. The North African manuscript is featured by its slipped letters in Kufic script, engraved on a unique blue dyed-parchment. He came back to Rome on Tuesday, but during his historic trip, the leader of the Catholic Church visited an iconic structure in Abu Dhabi, told by Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque.


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