Dubai police warned all the people if anyone is contacted by any celebrity on social media not to get excited as it may be a scam. The residents have been advised by the Dubai Police they should report social media accounts if they think they are fake.

Many online hackers are using fake accounts of celebrities to extract money from people. The residents should not hesitate to report suspicious celebrity accounts to avoid online fraud, said the police. 

“Report fake social media accounts to #DubaiPolice by calling 901 or simply emailing [email protected],” Dubai Police tweeted.

The Twitter post further advised that they should be careful if some well-known person approaches them to offer financial assistance. “Have you ever been approached by a well-known person offering financial assistance online – be careful,” the tweet says.

The warning of the police comes amid reports of scammers using false identifies and stealing identities of popular personalities. Several people have recently become victims of the scam who claimed to be celebrities and prominent members of the community, police discovered.

According to officials, most of the fake accounts are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter platforms. They use a picture of a well-known person, posting news and activities of the real person, to get more followers.

The scammers then deceive unsuspecting followers, luring them into paying money for a noble cause, like helping needy people such as refugees. The fake account holders manage to send a direct message to their followers and transfer them money. After that ask them to participate in charity work.

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