Organizers of the official 2018 UAE National Day celebration – “This is Zayed. This is the UAE” – and Abu Dhabi creative hub Warehouse421 invited all budding artists to show off their talents flair and love for UAE’s founding father. A painting is also to be exhibited during the 47th UAE National Day celebration.

Adopting the collaborative and inclusive spirit of the UAE, both the groups are joining forces to showcase the Year of Zayed, by asking artist across the country to cover a canvas in striking images and vibrant color, which will capture the spirit of the UAE.

In order to make it visible as possible, the organizing committee has invited all art enthusiasts to sign up online to the event. The open call of the organizers also greets those, who are interested in being painting on Saturday from 10 am, November 24 at Warehouse421.

Canvas and materials will be offered by Warehouse421, but those with own tools and necessities are encouraged to bring them along so that their work stands out and portray their outstanding creative aptitudes. Artists of all age, caste, religion, and color are welcome, while children between 3 to 12 years will need to be accompanied by an adult.

To showcase the wide diversity of creative talent that is present in UAE, the 47 best artworks will be displayed in front of dignitaries and honor Chief Guests at the 47th National Day celebration at Zayed Sports City Stadium.

UAE Supreme Organising Council Abdulla Al Qubaisi said that “It’s really exciting to be able to organize such an inclusive event for the entire UAE community, as it gives everyone a chance to express their love and passion for the country which we all share”

“We encourage everyone, young or old, to apply for their place in this incredible programme and enjoy the honor of having their work displayed in front of the highest-ranking dignitaries attending the UAE’s National Day celebration,” added the supreme Organising Council.

He continued that “I can’t wait to see what the painters create, and I’m sure their inspired pieces of work will make us all reflect deeply on what the UAE means to every one of us.”

Warehouse421 Manager Faisal Al Hussan said, “As an active participant in Abu Dhabi’s art and cultural scene, Warehouse421 provides an inclusive and welcoming space where people of all backgrounds and skill levels can come together and explore their creativity.”

“Our diverse monthly programming highlights themes that speak on local and regional topics, and naturally, we are delighted to host this colorful celebration of UAE National Day. Members of the community have an exciting opportunity to make their mark on the canvas, expressing their gratitude to Shaikh Zayed and the nation he founded. I hope that their participation will help inspire a lifelong passion for the arts,” added Mr. Hussan.

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