The children of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi got million-dollar houses in the Saudi kingdom and five-figure monthly based payment as reimbursement for the killing of their father, as per the recent and former Saudi officials and the familiar people to the family.

Two sons and two daughters of Khashoggi may also get much larger payouts probably tens of millions of  dollars apiece – as part of “blood money” bargainings that are awaited to derive while the trials of Khashoggi’s charged murderers are concluded in the coming months, according to the officials and others familiar with the proceedings of this case who informed with details based on the condition of anonymity for discussing sensitive discussions.

The unrevealed payments are part of an attempt by Saudi Arabia for reaching a long-term arrangement for the family members of Khashoggi, targeted partly at securing that they carry on to present restraint in their public statements about the murder of their father by the operatives of Saudi in Istanbul, six months ago, told the officials.

The siblings of Khashoggi have withheld from any kind of thrashing criticism of the kingdom, even as their father’s death triggered outrage globally and worldwide criticism of the successor to the Saudi throne, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

The home deliveries and monthly payments of $10,000 or more to each sibling were sanctioned late in the last year by King Salman as part of what one former official stated as a recognition which “a big injustice has been done” and an attempt ” and an attempt “ to make a wrong right”.

But the royal family is also counting on its wealth for helping to contain the ongoing inflamed condition after killing and dismemberment of the prominent Saudi journalist and Washington Post contributing columnist who was aimed for articles which were often scathing of the government.

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