The local advisory panel in Washington which specifically aimed at the liquor license applications and the other regional issues is pushed itself into the international uproar triggered by the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the last month at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. According to the opinions of The Washington Post, Advisory Neighbourhood Commission 2A  is considered as the panel which is expected to vote to rename the street outside the Saudi Embassy for Khashoggi the columnist who lived in Virginia.

As a part of the proposal, the east side of New Hampshire Avenue between F Street and Juarez Circle would become “Jamal Khashoggi Way”. On the Westside of New Hampshire, Avenue NW is named as Watergate complex.

The approach would have been sanctioned by the D.C Council, and as is the case with all regional ordinances, would be the matter of congressional review.

The CIA has ended the chapter of Khashoggi killing happened on 2nd October, conducted at the direction of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, a proclamation which has been interrogated by the US President Donald Trump who is claiming to maintain solid consultation ties with the authorities. The Saudi officials have refused completely about the prince’s involvement.

The ANC’s chairman William Kennedy Smith said that he predicts the commission to sanction the intent. But he also said that the Saudi “ have a lot of friends and resources and there may be an effort to head it off.


According to Smith, renaming the name of the street is not only and purposeful as an effective reminder of the assassination reported as “state-sponsored” in the resolution of ANC – but also to raise the significance of a free press and the liberty of speech.

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