The US legislators intimidated to take resistant action against Saudi Arabia over the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi amid a new disclosure that the powerful Saudi Crown Prince rebuked after him with a “bullet”.

A deadline set by Congress for the US President Donald Trump to direct if the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman directed the assassination of Khashoggi, who was throttled and butchered after entering in the consulate of the Saudi kingdom in Istanbul on 2nd October. According to the special UN reporter, Agnes Callamard who had written condemnatory pieces on Saudi Arabia in the Washington Post after a visit to Turkey described the assassination of Saudi journalist as “planned and perpetrated” by the direction of the officials of the Saudi High Command.

The New York Times stated that Saudi Crown Prince alerted in a choked conversation to an associate in 2017 that he would follow Khashoggi “with a bullet” if he did not return to Saudi Arabia from the United States.

According to the assumption of the US intelligence the ambitious 33 years old Saudi Crown Prince was ready to kill the Saudi journalist, although he literally he did not mean to shoot him.

After the initial declination about any knowledge on Khashoggi disappearance matter, the Saudi kingdom has admitted that a team brutally murdered him inside the embassy but stated it as a wretched operation in which the Saudi Crown Prince was not involved.

In October, the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reported a law which provided the Trump administration 120 days until February 8 to dictate whether Prince Mohammed directed the murder of the Saudi journalist and figured out immediate action against him.

The top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relation Committee Robert Menendez told, “ Seeing as the Trump administration has no intention of insisting on full accountability for Mr. Khashoggi’s murderers, it is time for Congress to step in and impose real consequences to fundamentally re-examine our relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and with the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen”.

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