Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan charged directly the Saudi Government for the aforethought murdering of the Saudi journalist, as well as the renowned contributor columnist of Washington Post,  Jamal Khashoggi.

In an article published in the Washington Post, Turkish President wrote,”We know that the order to kill Khashoggi came from the highest levels of the Saudi government.”

Turkish President also added highlighting the ‘friendly ties’ between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, that he was not ready to believe about the involvement of King Salman with this mysterious murdering.

Being a former advisor of the Royal Family of Saudi, Khashoggi lost the favour of the Saudi government in last year and went to the self-imposed banishment.

Recently, he became a keen critic of the Saudi Government along with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman who is a pioneer of Saudi and is trying to initiate the aspiring economic and social reformation in his country.

This renowned journalist and Washington Post columnist had been murdered at the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul on 2nd October. According to the Turkish investigator, Khashoggi who was existing in exile was throttled while he visited the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul for collecting the documents for his upcoming marriage with a Turkish citizen.

After death, the body of Khashoggi has not been found and the assistant of Turkish President Erdogan, Yasin Aktay told that the body might be dissolved in acid after being divided into parts.

This mysterious incident of murder has been apparently covered up by the officials of Saudi and it has generated a diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and their allies.

The Saudi department arrested 18 suspects and according to their justice they will be prosecuted in Saudi Arabia, but Turkey wants extradition for them. Although Saudi admitted about the killing which has happened at the consulate but they entirely refusing that they know about the aftermath of his body.

According to the Turkish prosecutor, the investigators emphasized the theory of strangling according to which after entering of the journalist in the Consulate, he has been throttled instantly and it is completely pre-planned murder.  

Turkish prosecutor Irfan Fidan said, “his body was dismembered an destroyed again, in line with advance plans”.

Daniel Balson from the Amnesty International said that Saudi Government should be held for the mysterious killing of the journalist.

He said, “For too long, they’ve operated under the impression that impunity is for them and that the rules are for others”.

He added, “They believe that a government critic can disappear in their diplomatic mission and that those who care about justice will not notice or if they notice they will not object or if they object, they will not remember. Well we’ve noticed and we’re outraged and we will not forget.”

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