The Interior Ministry has introduced a smart alert system called “Missing Child Alert” to help to rescue the missing children, with the collaboration of Facebook. In the Middle East Region, the United Arab Emirates is the first country in the 20th century in the world to join the Facebook Missing Child Alert family. The first phase of the “Missing Child Alert” system was initiated by the Lieutenant General Saif AL Shafar, the undersecretary of the ministry, in the presence of consultant Alia Mohammed Saeed Al ketbi, the Director of the Abu Dhabi Family Prosecution , Sara Sahuhali, the Director General of Ewa’s Centres Shelters for the victims of Human Trafficking  and other officials.

If UAE Police activates the Missing Child Alert and you are in the recommended search area, the alert will appear on the facebook account on the mobile, as well as the desktop device.

The decision to announce an alert is notified about the  kidnapped child, they must first ensure if the case fulfils their notification criteria, which are :

The child is under eighteen. No reason to believe about the child abduction. No reason to believe about the serious and immediate risk to the health or welfare of a child. There will be adequate information to activate the public to aid Interior Ministry to locate the child.

The notification will include the significant details about the child such as photo, location description about the abduction and the available guidelines also to assist in searching. People will be also able to share the notification with the friends to build a strong community.

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