The Central Bank of UAE alerts the residents against mischievous messages in Whatsapp of deceptive nature which asserts to be sent by the Apex bank. The message directly pushes to the receivers to a malicious website and could reveal them for leakage and hacking of their personal information.

A statement informs that, “the Central Bank of the UAE today warns consumers to be aware of malicious WhatsApp messages claiming to be from Central Bank, which is of a fraudulent nature. The Central bank advises to avoid responding to such messages, and opening any hyperlink that may be attached, may provide exposure to a malicious website ”.

The Central Bank described that the public should not be tempted by the trap in social media for contacting the persons or business corporates and prompts consumers about the significance of securing their bank account information and any kind of fraud and unauthorised use of debit and credit cards.

The fraud message delivered by Whatsapp to its users, “Dear Customer, your ATM card has been blocked, because you did not have an update yet. If you want your ATM card to work properly, then contact us at this ”. Earlier this year , the Abu Dhabi Police had alerted the public about deceit messages on social media applications including Whatsapp which  followed trademarks and reliable websites with the target of hacking personal information, such as passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and other informations which may directly cause problems for the users, who need to report these criminal activities to the police for tracking and detecting criminals.

Another incident in this month, three men were imprisoned in fraud cases where the criminals contacted the victim via Whatsapp using a phone number of Europe. He had told her that she had won a vast cash prize and she needed to drop the amount to acquire the prize.

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