An innovative medical device which is robust incorporation of Artificial Intelligence technology has the capacity to provide 96.5 percent accurate aid to prevent potential strokes, won the best pitching award at the discussion of Innovation 8 on day one of the Arab Health Forum at World Trade Center of Dubai. In UAE an individual gets a sudden stroke every hour and the average age for the stroke is considered is 45, which is far lower than the average of the world, due to approaching issue of the stroke prevention.

At the innovation discussions symposium, eight representatives presented eight addresses in under eight minutes to the audience. The winning delegate was Bieke Van Gorp, the founder of Fibri Check, a Belgium-based company. In eight minutes Van Gorp disclosed the principle behind the artificial algorithm controlled medical device which is capable to detect Atrial Fibrillation in 60 minutes, as well irregular heart rhythms which alert while the heart is out of sync, pushing the patient at the risk of a stroke.

The winning delegate Van Gorp claims,” There are several kinds of cardiac arrhythmias or irregular beats that are harmless, but the atrial fibrillation is a specific kind of irregular rhythm that is a precursor of a stroke”.

He added, “The challenge is no one knows where or when the stroke will occur and once the AF is detected through Fibri check, the patient can put him in preventive treatment mode with the doctors and avert a most certain stroke.”

The innovative device has been certified by the European Medical Association, as well as the US Food and Drug Administration, and has to be recommended by a doctor. The access of Fibri Check access is handed over to the patient who needs to record heartbeats and after recording heartbeat the system checks the data before the transmission to the doctor who is able to detect those having AF.

Van Gorp claimed, “ We charge €25 (Dh105) a month for the service provided on the phone”.

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