A Saudi mobile app has been inflamed for prolonging the male guardianship system of the kingdom and is acquiring admiration on social media as the government reacts unfavorably against the criticism.

Approving the Twitter hashtag support, some Saudis recorded what they prefer about the e-government portal, through which men decide to give permission for women to visit.

The app received plaudits for issuing a simple way through difficult directorate that persistently draws the applications for documentary records such as a passport or vehicle registration.

Few posts in twitter cited to accusations made by the defenders of human rights in which they professed Absher is icing the entire system of guardianship, claiming the that the entire system wanted to make more difficult the life for Saudis.

A video shared on WhatsApp requests the Saudis to oppose the “fierce campaign “ against Absher by rating the app five stars on Apple Store or Google Play and posting a sparkling a review.

Human rights groups and critics, including Amnesty International, have persistently requested Google and Apple to review the app. As per the claim at the statement that the user of Absher “ to curtail the movement of women once again highlights the disturbing system of discrimination against women under the guardianship system”.

The potential campaign against the app has received huge support in the US, where senior Democrat Senator Ron Wyden told in a post on Twitter it is “ unconscionable” which Apple and Google are “ making it easier to track women and control when and how they travel”. Apple CEO Tim Cook told NPR his company will “ take a look at it if that’s the case”.

In a statement, the Interior Ministry of the Kingdom told in the weekend, that the accusations against Absher target to “ disable the benefits of more than 160 different procedural services to all members of the society”.

The Saudi Women also have professed the denunciation of the app is quietly misleading, actually, the guardianship system itself should be criticized, not Absher, which simply provides an electronic facility for navigating the travel permission.



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