Ron Wyden, D-Ore, is directing the Chief executives of Google and Apple to stop immediately providing the access an e-government app to Saudi as this app allows men of Saudi kingdom to track and also control the gesture of women.

The tech giants received a letter in which Wyden requested them to prevent their app stores from being used by the Saudi government for continuing the “ abhorrent surveillance and control of women”.

Groups of Human rights are also inviting Google and Apple for considering the exploitation and bias which could be instigated by the app.

Absher, an app which people can download on the Google Play store and Apple’s app store, and this specific app work as an e-government portal and general services software for the Interior Ministry of Saudi kingdom. It permits the citizen of Saudi to access the proceedings of hosting of personal status issues such as collecting a passport, or a birth certificate or vehicle registration.

According to the human right advocates, the app also accelerates the patriarchal guardianship system of Saudi Arabia. It is considered for Saudi women who travel without permission from a male guardian. According to this particular system of laws and practices, the Saudi women requires the permission of a guardian  who has to be basically a male relative, for executing the actions, as well as taking decisions, including marriage service in corporate companies, several kinds of medical treatment and release from prison, told by the researcher at Human Rights Watch in the Middle East, Adam Coogle.

Saudi men can create a restriction on the travel of Saudi women using Absher, by giving permission or not allowing them to leave the country, as well as the men can also limit the dates and places women are allowed to travel.

In a statement to The Washington Post Amnesty International told, “We call on Apple and Google to assess the risk of human rights abuses on women, which is facilitated by the App, and mitigate the harm that the App has on women ”. It added, “The use of the Absher app to curtail the movement of women once again highlights the disturbing system of discrimination against women under the guardianship system and the need for genuine human rights reforms in the country, rather than just social and economic reforms ”.

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