The leading vibe of the AFC Asian Cup semi-final match on Tuesday evening triggers, the government department to reduce the working hours for the employees. The Shaikh Zayed from Housing Programme department declared that staff can leave about three hours earlier for supporting the national football team of UAE to enjoy the game against Qatar at the Mohamed Bin Stadium.

In their official Twitter account, the department of government informed, “Zayed Housing is giving employees three hours of happiness to help support the national team at Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi ”.

Abu Dhabi Transport Department had also declared earlier in the day that it permitted its employees to leave before the closing time for supporting time.

Governmental Department’s tweet posted, “To support and encourage the UAE team, the Department of Transport authorizes its staff to leave work early to watch the Asian Cup semi-final match ”.

While the UAE fans were on their way to Abu Dhabi, the Arabic hashtag #UAE_Qatar was the second most exciting topic on the Twitter, wishing the best of luck to the UAE national team for the big match at tonight.

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