On Sunday, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard that worker has confessed his crime of killing his girlfriend for she refused to get back together with him. The 30-year-old Bangladeshi defendant, pleaded guilty to premeditated murder after he used a towel to suffocate her.
The accused confessed the court “Yes, I intended to kill her.” Last November the defendant went to a massage parlor in Karama where he met and had sex with a woman from Bangladesh after she gave him a massage.
“I liked her because she was so beautiful and I told her that I would give her Dh5,000 if she agreed to marry me. She said yes and I gave her the money and exchanged numbers. We started chatting on WhatsApp and I was sending her phone credit. Once she wanted Dh2,000 because her mother was sick, so I paid her. Later she blocked me and I couldn’t stay in touch with her,” said the defendant.
When he became to know that she is working in a different massage parlor at a hotel in Karma he went there as a customer and entered the room with the victim. The killer said, “I told her that I had come to have sex with her and restart our relationship, but she refused and insulted me.”
While argument he in his anger knocked her to the ground and suffocated her with hands. “I saw blood coming from her nose but I didn’t stop. I used a towel to suffocate her for ten minutes. I took her mobile phone and left the center,” he added.
The Chinese receptionist of the massage center said, “I opened the door and saw the victim’s body on the ground, then alerted Dubai Police.”

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