Weight loss is the huge concern in most of the individuals. Generally it is required when you are overweight or want a fit and fine body. Losing weight is a challenging and daunting task and requires constant effort and patience. But you should always remember losing weight but not health should be your priority.

Fad Diets are best to follow as it is a recent trend to lose weight. This is because they aid in short-term weight loss. It is also restricted course of food that allows individuals to attain quick and easy weight loss. The major reason behind fad truth is that it gives you temporary results, and these diets are difficult to sustain and also deprive you of the essential nutrients that only balanced meal adequate nutrients can offer. It is useful for those who want to lose weight in short medium of time.

Fad Diets - Are They Healthy 10 Simple Tips That Can Help You Lose Weight But Not Health | UAEtnbclive.in

Tips Which can help you lose weight quickly:-

  • Ignore Stress
  • Add proteins like eggs, fish, meat, nuts and legumes.
  • Nearly 8 hours sleep is essential for a day
  • Eats lots of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables
  • Must have plenty of fluids like water, lime water, coconut water and fresh juices
  • Do not Skip breakfast as it is most essential meal of  the day and should not be missed. Add proteins in your breakfast as they can help you lose weight.
  • Ignore junk food and processed food as they are laced with unhealthy chemicals and preservatives.
  • Do Aerobic Exercise regularly like walking, cycling, Skipping rope.
  • Enjoy healthy snacks like eggs, nuts, a slice of cheese, fruit smoothie or an avocado toast
  • There were some unhealthy fats foods that should not be eliminate like cheese, cream, nuts and full-fat milk are not harmful and can be eaten without any guilt.  

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