As a great relief for the cardiac patients, as well as for those whose names are on the heart transplant list, the senior cardiac surgeon told, among two years Artificial hearts will be available in UAE.

The Cardiac Surgery Departmental Head of King’s College Hospital in London. Dr. Omar Hallak told about the subsidiary of the 4TS  cardiology in the conference being held in Dubai from Dubai from 14-16 February.

The founder, as well as chairman of the conference  Dr. Hallak, told, “ Over 100,000 people in the UAE are suffering from heart failure owing to factors such as diabetes, obesity, smoking, and hypertension. Several thousand CVD (cardiovascular disease) patients are on the heart transplant list but there are only a limited number of donors. Artificial Heart, that has a life of five years or more, offers patients new hope. Clinical trials on AH are already under way and in some countries of Europe as well as in the US, this heart has been transplanted successfully. We will be able to use this in the UAE in two years’ time, post approvals from the international bodies.”

The revolutionary , as well as Artificial Heart, is consist of metal alloys which are compatible with the human body and is equipped with a specific  kind of rubber to figure out the valves and the battery is operated with the charge remaining for 12 hours with inbuilt alarms for indicating the patient to change the batteries.


According to the medical terminology, “ A healthy human heart is able to pump five litres of blood every minute and in patients with heart conditions, sometimes their heart is not able to pump more than one litre of blood. This causes breathlessness. The Artificial Heart can completely take over the function of the original human heart and pump five litres of blood per minute and provide a CVD patient a better quality of life.”Clarifying other advances available to CVD patients  in the UAE, D r. Hallak told at least three hospital now offer Cardiac MRIs(Magnetic Resonance Imaging). An American Hospital, Rashid Hospital, as well as King’s College Hospital in London offer the facility which permits the physician to check the heart in multiple layers, adopting the figure and the condition of the heart muscle and catch any tissue which may not be getting enough oxygen and interrupt well before CVD sets in.

The heart valves made with 3D printed silicon  are also going to be made available and would help as the replacement  of the diseased aortic valves for the patient. Doctors also told, “Now surgeons are also conducting advance minimally invasive repair of the mitral and aortic valves using a catheter, a procedure offered at the Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah ”.


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