Exam stress is quite often nowadays. Second-hand stress can be as harmful as first-hand. It is often seen that parents dealing with their exam-taking kids both emotions compete for attention and tension becomes the winner. The parents often find themselves vicariously through their children’s trouble and anxiety during exams.
Geeta Jaggi, whose daughter will be giving the board exams of the CBSE 10th grade on coming Thursday, stated, “Yes, as a parent I feel nervous, although she [daughter] is doing well in all her subjects.”
The experts advise that the parents who are feeling stressed can do some things to ease the worries like- bringing out some time for yourself or Me time and keep perspective. Dr. Iva Vukusic, the clinical psychologist at LifeWorks Holistic Counselling says, “The worst thing a parent can do is to subtly impose unrealistic expectations about the performance through the utterances of support (“Oh, I’m sure you will excel”) or even threats about consequences if certain criteria are not met.”
There are also some points which you should follow. You must keep your mind calm or exercise away the stress remembering that the matter is not about you. Second, be careful of your teen if he/she is studying well if not then consult to a seasoned professional. Third, do not forget to make various nutritious meals for them because studying is hard and hunger-inducing work.

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