The UAE is a role model of a country where women can handle their work as well as their family. The roles and responsibilities tackled by Emirati women have led the country to achieve a glorious renaissance in UAE. Responsibility plays a vital role behind sincerity but devotion and creativity also important. The nation will be thankful to its leaders who gave their efforts to ensure that the people of the UAE get their best.

The main support in this renaissance of Emirati women is  H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Mother of the Nation who has given the wise and mature leadership and exceptional guidance.

According to  Sheikha Fatima, “In a world dominated by turmoil and conflict, I believe that women are capable of disseminating Islamic culture and instilling its spirit in the new generation. This capability is closely linked with women’s education and the guarantee of living in a community which provides equal rights and obligations. Based on this belief, I am committed to working relentlessly to ensure that women remain fundamental partners in the growth and development process. I will continue to support women wherever they are, empowering them to manifest their status as the key to peace in our present world.”

H.E. Dr. Maitha bint Salem Al Shamsi the politician and government minister of UAE said, “Today women can work, care for their families and thrive in the Emirates.”


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