On Wednesday, Dubai Court of First Instance heard that a Saudi businessman has been accused of trespassing on the property of his neighbor to attack and molest a sleeping woman. According to the reports the man was drunk when he committed the crime in last August. The 33-year-old Moroccan woman claimed that she was sleeping in her apartment in Al Barsha at 6 am when the 56-year-old accused pulled her hair.
She shouted at him but he attacked her and ripped her shirt. The woman told the court “He slapped me and I kept resisting him. He tried to kiss me until I managed to push him away and call the police. He snatched the phone and slammed it on the floor and refused to leave the room.”
She managed to push him outside the apartment and after ten minutes she rushed down to the security guard of the building and asked him to call Dubai Police.
“I returned to the apartment and the defendant followed me and said that he will pay for the damaged phone. I asked the guard to take him outside the apartment and called the police,” she added.
She called 999 for help and an Emirati police officer immediately reached there within 15 minutes. “She was crying and terrified and told me what happened. I arrested the defendant who was under the influence of alcohol,” said the police officer.
The security guard also gave evidence. The businessman was charged with sexual abuse, assault, trespassing, damaging a Dh4,000 mobile phone and consuming alcohol.

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