On Sunday, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard that a worker has been accused of attempting murder after he tried to stab a man in his ear with a knife. The accused and the victims both belong from Pakistan. The 22-year-old Pakistani defendant stabbed the 36-year-old victim after they had an argument at a restaurant in International City in December 2018.
As per reports, the victim went out to bring meat for the restaurant when the defendant stopped him asking him why he was going out.
“The victim told him that it is none of his business when the defendant insulted him. The victim slapped the defendant twice and the defendant took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him in his ear. The blade went out through the victim’s mouth. He was bleeding heavily,” a Pakistani chef said in a statement.
The defendant flew away after taking the Knife and the workers called the ambulance and took the injured to Rashid Hospital. A medical report said that the victim suffered a partial loss of facial movement as a result of the attack.
Meanwhile, the trial has been adjourned to April 14.

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