A Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday that a man was given imprisonment for five years for posing as a Dubai Municipality inspector and allegedly kidnapping a female tourist and raping her.
The 46-year-old defendant belongs to Bangladesh. He was charged with kidnapping, raping, assaulting sexually and physically as well as impersonating a public employee.
According to the reports, the woman came to visit just for five days. She was walking with a friend near Al Mamzar beach when the accused approached them.
The fake inspector was carrying a walkie-talkie and binocular which seemed to be a work ID to the women. The fake inspector asked them to show their ID. The 22-year-old said that they did not have and he told her she would have to pay a Dh5,000 fine.
The Pakistani victim stated that “He told my friend to go home get his ID, and that I had to go with him to the police station.”
The defendant forcefully took her towards a barrier of a park claiming that it was a shortcut to the police station.
Meanwhile, her phone rang but the man immediately snatched it from her and dragged her to a sandy area where he molested and raped her.
The victim said when the man was busy getting dressed she managed to escape from the place and informed the police.

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