On Thursday, a Dubai Court heard that a mother of two children was imprisoned for five years that she attempted to kill her two children attempting to suffocate them with a pillow. She also tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist.
In April 2017, the 25-year-old Bangladeshi mother planned to suffocate her children aged two and four and tried to kill herself at the family’s house.
When she was presented before the court she claimed that she did not know why she attempted to finish off her children as well as herself.
Her husband is a 39-year-old Bangladeshi man after returning from office found his two baby boys still on the bed and her wife as motionless on the ground with her wrist slit and bloodied.
The man called his brother for help as he was extremely afraid of the scene and then the tree victims were taken to a local hospital and the hospital authority was successful in saving the lives all of them, the mother along with two children.
After the woman gets back to the sense his husband asked her what was actually happen and she told she had suffocated her children with a pillow before she slit her wrist.
“Then I saw that shocking scene. My boys were pale and motionless on the bed. My wife had blood coming out of her wrist and she was on the floor. I phoned my brother quickly. He took my sons to a hospital while my sister and I took my wife to the hospital,” he told police. The woman was fined Dh2,000 and sentenced to five years in jail.

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