There is a great opportunity for the Welsh meat exporters as they are expecting to see fresh growth opportunities in the Middle East which have increased the consumption of red meat. The rate of consumption on red meat has been declined in many other places.
Rhys Llywelyn the manager of market development of Meat Promotion Wales blamed the harmful effect of red meat for the decrease in consumption in Europe on “unfounded press”. Meat Promotion Wales is responsible for promoting and developing Wesh red meat.
Rhys Llywelyn claimed that nowadays there is a huge “noise” about veganism still the number of vegans remains limited. He said, “We’re very confident in Wales that we produce lamb very sustainably.”
In 2016, May, Vegan Society did research in the UK and discovered that those who said that they are vegan in Britain jumped to 542,000 from 150,000 in the span of a decade.
Other data on the website of the Vegan Society shows that demand for meat-free food increased by 987 percent in 2017 and also showed that veganism a big trend in 2018.

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