The UAE emphasized on the necessity of coordinating Arab action to oppose the ongoing regional interferences in the international affairs of Arab countries. To protect their unity and political system against foreign interfere, the UAE is giving priority to mutual understanding and coordination of Arab countries.
On Wednesday, while giving the speech as the head of the UAE delegation in the 151st ordinary session of the Arab League Council, in Cairo, Dr. Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, made this statement.
“We can see that Iran’s interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries is continuing, and there are several Iranian tools and many examples, such as the reports from Yemen. The crisis in Yemen is an example of Iran’s interference,” Dr. Anwar Gargash said.
“It is natural to wish for normal relations with your neighbors, most notably with Iran, and we affirm that any natural relations must be based on clear principles that respect the sovereignty and reject interfering in internal affairs,” he added.
He further remarked, “The Stockholm Agreement, which was signed on 13th December, 2018, was a key opportunity to turn the Yemeni crisis from the military part to a political one, and there is no doubt that this agreement is the outcome of the military pressure exerted by the Arab Coalition Forces and the legitimate Yemeni Forces on the Houthi militias in Hodeidah. But today, we are facing a major obstacle, which is still the Houthis militias.”
“Despite the passing of months after the agreement was signed in Sweden, we can see that the Houthis are still hesitating in implementing their commitment to withdrawing from Hodeidah and the ports of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras Isa. And despite the fact that Yemen’s humanitarian conditions are beginning to improve as a result of this agreement, the opportunity in front of us to improve this situation is undermined by the Houthi’s procrastination, which aims to obstruct the agreement that was reached,” Dr. Gargash stated.
The leader also pointed out UAE’s experience as the UAE declared the Year of Tolerance to strengthen the humanitarian values and the efforts of spreading the principles of peace and moderation.

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