The United Arab Emirates Armed Forces have made a massive announcement that more than $1.3 billion will be allotted for both orders for new equipment and sustainment of existing ones at the 2019 International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi.
Here are some highlights including, $39 million award to the Russian Joint Stock Company for EM150 Kornet anti-tank missiles for the UAE Army, $355 million worth of Patriot interceptors for the UAE Air Force and Air Defense Force and, a $109 million deal with Lockheed Martin to upgrade radars in the UAE Air Force, presumably for the country’s F-16 fighter fleet.
The deals were announced on the first day of the massive exposition in the capital of UAE. It was also said in the announcement that more than $ 300 million worth of awards will be given to local companies. A $ 2.1 million contract was signed with NIMR automotive for vehicle maintenance and to purchase vessels for the UAE Navy $ 15 million was sanctioned.
Total 15 deals were announced out of 33 with international companies which worth a total $ 1.05 billion.
The structure of the announced deals further offers an opening into the new place in the world’s militaries that the UAE operates a mix of America, European, Russian, and Chinese equipment. It is noteworthy that at past shows like IDEX many announced deals for the UAE Armed Forces were for new equipment while this year a vast majority supported. It indicates a huge change that UAE is not just purchasing new systems continually but it also supporting existing systems.

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