The Corporation of Ambulance Services of Dubai has achieved significant twinkle-toed contemporary ambulances. The ambulances are fully integrated with the enriched features of the vehicle intelligence system which allows the patients a central control room specifically for spotting it, as well as tracking its speed and easy proceedings for communicating with the ambulance driver.

The vehicles named Ford Transit Ambulance which has been especially incorporated for DCAS, which also have an integrated semi-solar powered system for recharging the battery. The contemporary equipment of the robust mechanism provides the scope to plug in the vehicle in an integrated power point while static and also provide cooling methodology without switching theory on air-conditioning.

The leader of Ferno Middle East, Simon Zerihun, an additional of Ford which manufactures the ambulances told, “The cooling system helps drivers to cool the vehicle when parked without draining the batteries. ”  

Beside these robust contemporary features, the ambulances have potential oxygen tanks which are compact and flexible for the easy movement of required medical types of equipment.

The latest technology boosted stretcher which can be flexibly controlled electronically enriches the main features of the ambulance. The motor is plugged through a socket and the stretcher is raisable, can be lowered and also movable without draining much manual effort.

The leader of Ferno Middle East, Zerihun told, “A young female paramedic can maneuver the stretcher single-handedly to the ground and also lift and replace it back into the ambulance alone. This is a great time and resource saver”.

The DCAS is all set to obtain around 70 vehicles at the end of 2019.


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