Nissan Motor industrial authority dethroned its accused Chairman Carlos Ghosn and his prosecution will be held in Tokyo Court on Tuesday, in his first public presence after being accused in the financial scandal and imprisonment in November. Chairman Ghosn ascribed with recovering Nissan industry from the crucial condition like bankruptcy before two decades, is ordered to appear at the District Court of Tokyo for a prosecution urged by his solicitors for explaining the reasons for his lengthy confinement since the arrest on 19th November.

A group of journalists and television crews assembled outside the courthouse during the reporting of media about 1,122 individuals lined up for 14 seats consigned by lottery, pointing the level of public interest in the case of the once-feted executive.

The judge is supposed to execute the reasons for the confinement of the Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn, after the explanation the defense lawyers, prosecutors and the defendant are permitted to give the speech at the court.  According to the local media, Ghosn refuses the accusations.

The Japanese lawyers of the Nissan Chairman have also schemed a press meeting on Tuesday afternoon, where they are assumed to speak in his safeguarding for the first time since arrest. The legal team is led by the former prosecutor Motonari Otsuru. The case has distracted the alliance between French Automaker Renault and Nissan, where Ghosn still remains Chairman and the Chief executive. He had been following the moves for a bold industrial tie-up between the renowned pair, along with the potential inclusion at the pleading of the French Government, despite solid protection at Nissan.

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