On Wednesday, a young man was died in Abu Dhabi due to recklessly driving. The Police chased him in a high speed for reckless driving.

It was around 5 am when a police patrol car spotted a car being driven at a high speed. When the driver asked to stop the car, he speeded up and to stop him the police fired two shots in the air. It was done according to the safety rules to force him to stop, police said.

The motorist refused to obey the instructions and fired back at the police patrol car and continued the speed. Meanwhile, his vehicle hit with one of the patrol vehicles and overturned and he got severely injured.

Though the man was taken to a hospital because of the serious injuries he could not survive, police added.

Police have not mentioned the name or nationality of the young deceased. What kind of weapon he was carrying that also has not come to know.

The statement said that “The Abu Dhabi Police expressed its deep regret for the unfortunate incident, expressing its deepest condolences and sincere concerns to the family of the deceased.”

In order to control the recklessness of youth on the roads and to save their lives and the lives of others, the police called upon families, educational and community bodies to cooperate them and intensify awareness campaigns.

The police also advised the parents to tighten control over children and to make them aware of the dangers of reckless driving.

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