The World Council of Muslim Communities – including an international organization in Abu Dhabi to locate the challenges confronted by Muslim communities across the world and satisfy their ambitions – will present the model strategies of UAE including the empowerment of women and the engagement to the Muslim communities across the world.

Chairman of the World Council of Muslim Communities Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, said the council will spread the cultural message of the UAE for unrolling the culture of peace and security and to merge the values of existence and mutual respect among the peoples of the world.

He said the council targets to enable Muslim communities across the world to unite in their societies, achieving full citizenship and depict Islam and its true principles as the religion of tolerance and peace.

The council has been commenced in Abu Dhabi in April, asks to advocate political and civil rights of Muslim communities as a co-existing human right.

The council will harmonize the efforts of Muslim community institutions by cheering members to subscribe to the awakening of their countries, rectifying the stereotypical image of Islam and Muslims.

Al Nuaimi said: “ Once the charter of the World Council of Muslim Communities is endorsed and the council is proclaimed as an international organisation, a slew of initiatives and programmes will be launched to meet a need of Muslim communities across the world ”.

He added the council was also decorated to escalate indulgence and dialogue among the fellows of religions.

Al Nuaimi emphasized that this council is not premeditated for local institutions operating in government institutions or Muslim communities.

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