In Barcelona, The UAE Consulate has alerted travellers to be on high vigilant if they aspire to celebrate the New Year in Spain. In the sequences of tweets, the UAE mission pleaded residents and tourists in the city of Barcelona to practice prudence, avoid the attractions of the tourist and not to take part in the gatherings in the festive season.

It also warns travellers to pursue all directions as and while they are emerged by the relevant authorities in Barcelona.

As per the warning, “ Travellers should please register for the online ‘Twajudi’ service, found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. In the event of an emergency, contact the UAE mission on the following numbers: +34 932 408 550, +34 669 444 444 or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on +971 800 444 44.”

The alert was emerged after the declaration a security alert by the US State Department to its citizens on 23rd December directing them to exercise “heightened caution” if they are in Barcelona because of the potential for a terrorist attack in the popular zone of Las Ramblas during New Year and Christmas festival.

The US State Department warned, “Exercise heightened caution around areas of vehicle movement, including buses, in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona during Christmas and New Year’s. Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, transportation hubs, and other public areas ”.

As an outcome of the information according to the EI Pais newspaper of Spain, they have obtained, the Catalan police are now finding for a man who has been recognized as BL. 30 from Casablanca, Morocco.

The Spanish daily said, “This man is in possession of a bus driver’s license and he has a police record in Spain for insulting a member of the Civil Guard at Malaga airport in 2006 ”

The US Consulate General in Barcelona prompted citizens that Spain is recently at a Level 2 Travel Advisory, which means that the residents should practice surging vigilance.

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